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52 Group

A digital and film production agency, 52 Group has unveiled its VR- and AR-enabled filmmaking techniques through an internal communications campaign. The film is designed to communicate with the internal audience about 52 Group’s core purpose. The internal comms push follows a rebrand last year. It highlights three key internal values ‘positivity + drive,’ ‘mutual like + respect,’ and ‘films + digital for good.’ 

The film itself is colourful, bright and collaborative. It uses Google’s Tilt Brush technology to focus on the three key internal values, while allowing employees to craft their own unique contributions to the film using the AR tech. The result is akin to a film-based version of the style of photography called light painting. Making it collaborative allows employees to engage with the new technologies in addition to the company’s updated values and branding. 


Ten years after CoppaFeel first introduced its ‘Grab life by the boobs’ campaign, it has unveiled a follow-up to encourage people to regularly conduct home breast checks to promote breast cancer awareness. However, this time around, the charity is focusing on demographics that are less likely to have been targeted by previous messaging and would be less likely to conduct regular breast checks. This demographic includes transgender men and women, the BAME community and cisgender men. 

The images depicted in the film are not the stereotypical breast cancer charity images. Many of whom feature sport, exercise and athletics in addition to a harried mum, members of the LGBT+ community and young people, including men. The charity’s persistent colloquial tone of voice and messaging is in full force in this engaging film. Ryan Newey, founder and CCO of Fold7, which produced the campaign, says, “Breast cancer can impact anyone regardless of age, gender, race – but simply checking gives us the gift of early diagnosis enabling us to get medical treatment as quickly as possible. The line ‘grab life by the boobs’ was designed to communicate this by subverting the phrase ‘grab life by the balls’ – and while ‘Trust Your Touch’ was about building confidence around checking, the message this time is much more assertive and proactive.”


The airline industry contributes 2-3% of the world’s manmade CO2 emissions. One of the airlines poised to tackle this dilemma is Air France-KLM, with multiple initiatives including one to create a more sustainable airline fuel. The Dutch flag bearer has now released an open letter to the airline industry seeking cooperation across the sector for sustainability commitments. It released a film communicating this positioning while also encouraging passengers to travel more sustainably. The ‘Fly Responsibly’ platform actively encourages prospective airline passengers to travel on trains or use technology for business meetings, rather than travelling via air. 

The Fly Responsibly platform encourages other airlines to use KLM’s biofuel to reduce their carbon emissions and allows travellers to compensate for their CO2 output. KLM’s president and CEO Pieter Elbers says, “Sustainable development in aviation is not a ‘one-airline-topic’ and actual progress will only be made when we work together as an industry. That’s why with the launch of the ‘Fly Responsibly’ initiative, we invite others to use our CO2Zero-programme for carbon compensation free of charge and free of brand, and partner in our corporate BIO-fuel programme.”



Parent company for Skyn condoms, Australian brand LifeStyles, was founded in 1905 – the year of Jules Verne’s death, who wrote ‘From the Earth to the Moon. Humans have been observing the moon for centuries but this year the world is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first person to set foot on the Earth’s satellite. Commemorating that anniversary, Skyn has launched a campaign to promote its key message, ‘Exploring space is wonderful. Exploring ourselves should be too.’

Working with Toronto-based brand agency Sid Lee, Skyn has released a film that uses historical Nasa footage in addition to animated elements to tell a story of human exploration of the cosmos. It asks the fundamental question ‘We were never afraid of exploring planets located millions of miles from us…so why then are we so afraid to explore our own bodies?’ The film supports the launch of Skyn’s line of intimate accessories and new products, which are positioned to promote a normalisation of people exploring their own bodies. 

Stella McCartney

Despite causing London’s traffic to halt to a standstill earlier this year, Extinction Rebellion got its message out. Now, it is partnering with long-time environmental campaigner and fashion designer Stella McCartney on a social media campaign designed to promote environmentally friendly fashion. The campaign will climax with a film starring Jane Goodall, to be released in September. A series of mini-films already populate the Stella McCartney Twitter account, featuring influencers in sustainability and fashion. The campaign supports the fashion house’s winter collection, each piece of which will have a further five tips on how to save the world. 

The fashion brand is no stranger to sustainable practices and has made environmentally friendly fashion a core part of its brand from day one. That’s no surprise for the daughter of renowned vegetarians Paul and Linda McCartney, but Stella McCartney has lead the fashion industry in rethinking materials usage and recycling with its approach to sustainable textiles and vegetarian materials. Stella McCartney posted on Twitter, "In this time of climate crisis, we have to use our voices. Thank you all for being a part of something special.” 

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