THURSDAY 21 FEB 2019 1:15 PM


Electrical Safety First, a UK charity that works in tandem with the electrical industry and government to minimise the amount of deaths caused by electric shocks, has partnered with the digital agency Absurd to revamp its website. The primary goal of this collaboration was to help ESF streamline the wealth of content it had recently produced by making the process of accessing this content less difficult. Emily Drackford, head of marketing at ESF says, “Having accumulated a lot of content over the past number of years, the website had become cumbersome. Working with Absurd we were able to prioritise content and realign the website goals.”

One of ESF’s top priorities is to effectively communicate to UK citizens the dangers of overexposure to and improper handling of electricity, as well as which appliances have been deemed unsafe. The charity’s website is an ancillary tool in this mission, as it attracts over 250,000 visits per month.

In the new site design, Absurd’s simplification of the content is apparent. The charity’s mission statement is in the center of the page, at the forefront of a minimalistic red, white and black colour palette. Across the bottom of the page are links to a list of product recalls and a page dedicated to helping visitors register their electrical products. These links are designed to empower the user by allowing them to act as soon as they reach the website instead of sifting through non-pertinent information first. Another link helps the visitor find a local electrician based on their postal code in case they need proper, safe and convenient electrical installation work done in their home. All these features serve to make ESF’s mission to reduce consequences of electrical danger more tangible and immediate.

Even the most established companies and charities cannot succeed without being able to effectively convey the value of the products and services they provide. By working with Absurd, ESF has taken an important step in making its purpose clearer and more accessible, which will allow it to continue to reduce the number of injuries and deaths caused by electrical accidents. The restructuring of the charity’s website is the latest development in the ongoing partnership between ESF and Absurd, with the digital agency also having recently delivered a new content strategy and visual design refresh.