FRIDAY 5 APR 2019 9:46 AM


In the Publishing Audience Measurement Company Ltd, PAMCo, latest findings i News has jumped above the Guardian to become the most trusted news brand in digital. The ‘See Every Angle’ campaign is an attempt to strengthen the image of the newspaper by reinforcing its centrist editorial values, engage readership in a dynamic way and create trust. It is asking readers to be revolutionary, to take a step back, to drown out the noise and decide for themselves what exactly they think and how they view the world.

I News launched its audacious ‘See Every Angle’ campaign on 25 March highlighting the importance of balanced and impartial journalism. The campaign is running in OOH locations across London Rail and London Underground stations, social media platforms and the JPIMedia network of national, regional and local newspapers and websites. The work by Atomic London feature five famous faces from the international world of politics utilising three different colours to represent different view points and three words that strive to cover ‘every angle’ of each individual. The core idea is that readers are given the opportunity to make up their own minds from the facts presented, instead of being influenced by opinion, agenda or bias.

Richard Thomson, publishing director of JPIMedia, the company that purchased the publication in November 2018, says, “The ‘See Every Angle’ campaign reflects the values that drive us editorially in a bold, thought-provoking way designed to promote further thought and discussion. We have an audience of ‘free thinkers’ – open-minded, intelligent readers who want unbiased information to help them decide for themselves what to think. In the current news climate, presenting the facts is more important than ever.”

A report on Statista showed that in 2018 the publication saw an 8.9% drop in circulation to 248,230 copies although i Newspaper reports that it has seen circulation revenue year-on-year growth of 6% in 2019. The newspaper has a daily reach of 705,000 readers across multiple platforms according to Newsworks, a statistic warranted by the company’s claims of explosive growth in page views, up over 275% in 2018, from 4m in January to 15m in December 2018.

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