WEDNESDAY 14 AUG 2019 4:21 PM


81% of UK doctors and GP’s think that skilled volunteers, who would use their professional skills to support the NHS could bring a real benefit to patients, and to the NHS itself.

Because of the digital transformation, it is currently undergoing, the NHS has become an appealing workplace for young digital professionals as it is now able to provide necessary skills and work experience while also increasing the digital capabilities of the NHS.

Surveys proved that of the 60% of Britons that do not currently volunteer, one in five say that they would prefer to use professional skills in their volunteering roles. Indeed professional volunteering in the NHS would also be beneficial for volunteers themselves, and especially for people under 25 who can learn valuable skills.

According to recent research, NHS doctors say professional volunteers would contribute to the working environment and overall efficiency of the organisation.

Skilled volunteers could be helpful to improve NHS efficiency too. Doctors feel that lawyers, economists, project managers, or data analysts could lend a hand in developing strategies to lower legal challenges against them, studying the complex datasets or even securing future funding from the government.