WEDNESDAY 25 MAR 2020 1:00 PM


Video has long played a vital role in corporate communications. Its ability to communicate emotion, deliver clarity and engage audiences is beyond doubt. Communicate magazine has, through its Storyboard and Communicate Lens features, reported on the best in corporate film, storytelling and visual communications. It is proud to present the Communicate Lens Awards.

The Communicate Lens Awards will celebrate those organisations using film and video by setting the standard for excellence in visual communications. Whether it is through animation, infographics, social video, documentary, narrative or other formats, film plays a crucial role to communicating with an organisation’s key audiences. The Communicate Lens Awards will examine films targeting the internal, investor, recruitment and ESG audiences in order to identify the best in video communications. Categories can be viewed here.

Expert judges from across the creative industries will determine which organisations set the benchmark in video communications, narrative and filmmaking.

Brittany Golob, editor in chief of Communicate magazine, says, “Through our coverage of the use of film in corporate communications, we have been able to showcase excellence in narrative, storytelling and engagement. We’re excited to be able to determine who sets the benchmark in corporate video communications through the Communicate Lens Awards.”

The awards are open for entries until 4 September. Entries received between 5-18 September will be subject to a late fee. Our entry and information guide is available here.

Cravenhill Publishing believes excellence in creativity and communications should be celebrated regardless of the challenges of the day. To support the creative industries, Cravenhill Publishing is letting any company have one free entry into any awards programme through 2020. You may well be planning on entering many categories and, if so that’s great. But if your agency or department has undertaken great work you won’t want budget considerations to get in the way of it being recognised. Your work makes a difference and it will continue to do so despite the challenges we are all facing. For any questions or support, contact Rob Mitchell or Lauren Ditcher.

The winners of the inaugural Communicate Lens Awards will be celebrated in January 2021.