FRIDAY 31 JAN 2020 12:01 PM


Ongoing campaign Pension Power gets a sparkling update in its Strictly-inspired 2019 campaign. MyCSP is nominated for its work on behalf of the Cabinet Office at the Corporate Content Awards

Picture the scene: a packed auditorium, a hushed crowd, papers rustling and an air of expectation. It may be a wet and unseasonably overcast day in June but soon this crowd is going to be in technicolour heaven.

Red velvet curtains open and the speakers blare out the first bars of an instantly recognisable piece of music. The screen busts to life with bugle beads and spangles, languid forms exhorting the audience to feel the rhythm. Feet start tapping and the whole room is buzzing. This is pensions?! No, this is Pension Power! Looks of incredulity abound as the audience is taken on a terpsichorean train ride, bringing their benefits to life in ways they didn’t think was possible.

Quick fire bursts of information, anecdotes, more music, foxtrots and salsas fill the air and keep the audience engaged, focussed and eager to know more.

Forty-five minutes later, it’s all over and the crowd leaves the room. Some ask more questions, their interest piqued. Others go to see their colleagues and spread the word. The same scene plays out 24 times across seven events taking place all over the UK, bringing the traditionally staid and confusing (and often scary) world of pensions to life.

Hand stitched sequins, glitter balls, more fake tan than TOWIE and lashes for days! That’s the order of the day as we turn the world of pensions on its head. This is our chance to stand out from the crowd and to drive awareness and engagement. The results speak for themselves:

Increased web traffic, more downloads, more questions and even more answers.

With some of our audience, we really left a mark:

“I learnt more about my pension in these 45 minutes than I have in over 25 years’ service. Fabulous presentation.”  

“Best presentation I’ve seen my 27 year career. Brought life and valuable info to a complex subject area.”

 “Brilliant session. Well-presented and a crunchy subject made light-hearted.”

“Excellent session, good level of information plus it was plain English.”

“AMAZING darlings.”

Our approach to member engagement has always been consistently maverick. Why merely inform when you can engage, enthuse, stimulate and galvanise?

We‘re all competing for air time with our audiences and unless they come to us proactively, we have to fight for our space and stand out from the crowd. What’s more, we can’t rest on our laurels and assume what worked last year doesn’t need a refresh, rethink or revamp.

Our member research supports our in-depth knowledge of our customer – what they want, what they like, what they fear, what they need. Tapping into needs, desires and motivations is a great way to leverage interest and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing that light bulb moment when you know they get it! They really get it! More importantly, they’re armed to take action.

We always say ‘Knowledge is Power’ which is the underlying principle of pension power. Each year we see more people taking ownership and understanding the value of what they have and what they can do with it. Strictly over for another year? Just wait till you see what we’ve got planned this year.

David Boardman is the director of communications and engagement at MyCSP

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