WEDNESDAY 1 APR 2020 1:25 PM


In the midst of the uncertainty posed by the Covid-19 crisis, the PRCA is offering some positive news to the UK PR and communications industries.

It has announced that it will be offering six months of free individual membership to anyone who has been affected by the crisis by either losing their job or who is self-employed and has seen a significant decline in income. Open to both current members and non-members, the PRCA has exhibited a measure of support for communicators facing difficult circumstances.

Director general of the PRCA Francis Ingham says, “Sadly, plenty of people in our industry have already lost their job or their income, or will do so in the coming months. To help those people access resources, keep up their professional development, and interact virtually with their peers, we’re offering them six months free individual membership,” adding, “It’s important that all of us in the PR community do our best for one another, and this is our attempt to do just that, so that people can pick up new jobs and new contracts as quickly as possible.”

The PRCA also released the results of its ‘confidence tracker’ yesterday which showed that 65% of communicators are confident in the futures of their organisations.

This move comes a few days after the PRCA and CIPR jointly issued an open letter to the government on behalf of the communications industry. The CIPR has also offered independent practitioners a three month deferral of membership fees if they have had their income disrupted by Covid-19.