MONDAY 13 DEC 2021 5:06 PM


B2B marketing and advertising agency, Stein IAS, has launched a new campaign in partnership with Message Community Grocery and MEND Hunger Relief network to raise awareness of childhood hunger.

Research has shown that one in five children go hungry every day despite an estimated 1.6bn tons of food going to waste each year. An even greater number of children do not have access to nutritionally sufficient food.

To help tackle the growing hunger problem, Stein ISA Global partnered with two charities, Message Community Grocery in the UK and MEND Hunger Relief in the US. Together they devised a campaign titled ‘Share the Dough,’ which worked to show that a small amount of generosity can go a long way.

The Share the Dough campaign features a video of five children making a holiday dinner from playdough. One child is given less than the others to visualise the one in five statistic. The other children can then be seen sharing a small piece of their playdough to ensure everyone has enough.

Message Community Grocery is a Manchester-based charity organisation providing pop-up grocery shops across the UK. Families can pay a small fee to become members and purchase over 20 items including fruits, vegetables, frozen items and non-food products. With 11 stores now across the UK, the charity has reached over 10k households since launching in September 2020.

Sam Hawthorne from The Message Trust, says, "Initially, we were just for children who weren't in school anymore but would have qualified for free school meals. Then we realized there were vulnerable families who weren't at work, or were isolating, or just couldn't afford to go shopping. We saw there was a real need for more than just hot meals - often people couldn't afford their weekly shop.”

US charity, MEND, is a collaborative network of 22 food pantries across Essex County and New Jersey providing fresh and healthy food to communities. Of those people served at MEND pantries, 36% are children. Since 2020, MEND has served nearly 400,000 people, 36% of which were children.

Tom Stein, Chairman and Chief Officer at Stein IAS, says, “With so much focus deservedly on public health and climate change, we now need to re-focus on the massive challenge of childhood hunger.”

Watch the video and find out more information here.