As the industry has predominantly shifted towards remote working, an ‘aways on’ culture risks heightening stress levels.

Content agency Audere Communications has launched a pro-bono podcast package for charities looking to enter into the medium.


Research from cloud-based accounting software platform, bluQube, revealed that AI technologies are no longer a futuristic concept, with 30% of businesses now utilising robotics, augmented reality (AR) and Internet of Things (IoT) technology alongside machine learning.
Visual communications provider, iStock, conducted research into current attitudes towards climate changes issues, to better understand how brands can engage with the sustainable consumer. With 79% of people actively trying to reduce the amount of plastic they use, iStock says subtle sustainable brand comms are the way forward.
LinkedIn and international integrated communications agency, VCCP are supporting a new social enterprise, Inside Out, the UK’s first clothing brand created by young ex-offenders. The campaign works to actively improve employment opportunities for prison leavers and support their personal and professional development.
The metaverse has been positioned as the new virtual world free of physical limitations and societal stereotypes, yet 60% of people still feel that the virtual world lacks inclusivity. Degree Deodorant is hosting the world’s first marathon in the Metaverse, in an effort to help shape a more inclusive culture of movement in the new virtual world.
Pinstone, a PR and communications agency in the food and farming supply chain, has announced its ambition to achieve B-Corp company status. To join the 600 existing certified B-Corp businesses in the UK, Pinstone has set up commercial beehives and planted wildflowers to mark the beginning of the agency’s journey.
In a tribute to the early days of computer gaming, Pringles launched a creative and cryptic series of videos developed by Grey London. What appears to be an uncomfortably high-pitched sound, is identifiable to those people who have been around since the beginning of the gaming era.
Brands must prove that they can offer tangible and meaningful solutions to the cost of living crisis facing families across the UK, according to a new study from Havas Media Group. The ‘Cost of Living’ study uses Havas’ Meaningful Brands framework to measure the impact of the crisis and how brands can best support consumers.
The Royal Horticultural Society partnered with Cancer Research UK to develop a unique instalment in the prestigious RHS garden festival and flower show. The specially designed landscapes work to open conversations around legacy fundraising and communicate Cancer Research UK's mission.
The Pull Agency commissioned research looking at consumer attitudes towards corporate social responsibility in the health and beauty industry. It reveals that only 22% of consumers are familiar with the term ‘brand purpose’, while 41% agree ‘greenwashing’ and ‘woke-washing’ in health and beauty comms is becoming more noticeable.