MONDAY 25 APR 2022 4:15 PM


Pinstone, a PR and communications agency in the food and farming supply chain, has announced its ambition to achieve B-Corp company status. To join the 600 existing certified B-Corp businesses in the UK, Pinstone has set up commercial beehives and planted wildflowers to mark the beginning of the agency’s journey.

The official business certification measures a company’s social and environmental impact. This involves a rigorous process including a legal commitment to changing the corporate governance structure to be accountable to all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

“The principles behind B-Corp are very much in line with how we’ve run Pinstone from the outset. Embarking on this B-Corp journey is a natural next step for us and reflects the cornerstone of our culture – always striving to be the ‘best we can be’,” says managing director of Pinstone, Catherine Linch.

The agency has set-up ten commercial beehives and planted a wildflower mix over seven acres within a 37-acre commercial apple orchard. These environmental initiatives mark the beginning of a wider effort to positively impact the surrounding community.

“We’re based in rural Herefordshire and our team are passionate about the countryside, its communities and the importance of balancing food production and environmental considerations. We’ve always been mindful of our obligation to the land. It’s at the heart of our specialist PR business focused on the farming supply chain, the rural sector and the environment. Caring for our people is, and always has been, a key facet of what we do,” adds Linch.

Catherine Linch and Robin Linch, both managing directors at Pinstone, lobbied Parliament on ‘Better Business Day’ in London in support of changing business law that would compel all businesses to be run in the interest of its stakeholders. 

“We were two of over 1,000 business leaders who came to London on 20 April to champion change. It was the perfect setting to launch the start of Pinstone’s B-Corp journey. I’m incredibly proud to have built Pinstone over 17 years to be the thriving agency we are today, supporting a wealth of clients in the food the farming supply chain,” says Linch.