THURSDAY 4 FEB 2021 4:18 PM


Combining cooking and music in a creative corporate content collaboration, Spotify and pasta purveyor Barilla have joined forces in a new partnership.

The new feature gives Spotify users access to specially curated playlists that double as kitchen timers. The songs last as long as the cooking time for the brand’s most loved pasta shapes, designed to combine consumer’s love for food and music.

Barilla is a multinational Italian food company and the largest pasta producer in the world. The brand is known for building strong customer relationships by creating innovative products to meet consumer demands.

Eight playlists have been created by Publicis Italy to pay homage to the Barilla brand using a mix of international hits and Italian music. The innovative partnership creates a kitchen timer like no other and emphasises the brand as part of a modern lifestyle. The tracks will be updated cyclically to remain relevant and interesting to consumers while being freely accessible on Spotify.

The playlist covers are bright and playful to enhance brand image, including a piece of penne on roller-skates and a car built on fusilli. The playlists duration corresponds to the cooking time of the brand’s bestselling pasta shapes. Starting at 9 minutes for the ‘Mixtape Spaghetti’ up to 11 minutes for the ‘Boom Bap Fusilli’ each playlist creates a unique customer experience beyond the product.