TUESDAY 2 NOV 2021 11:13 AM


BT Enterprise partnered with Wunderman Thompson to publish a piece of research titled ‘The Future in 2021,’ revealing that 67% of SMEs and 54% of large businesses are unaware of the tech available to transform their business.

The research was produced in partnership with YouGov and aimed to present various insights into how digital transformation and technology adoption has changed within business this past year. A survey of over 1,200 key decision makers in business, of all sizes across the private and public sector, worked to analyse the attitudes and actions towards transformative tech.

Following on from BT’s previous digital transformation report, ‘The Future in 2020’ this year’s edition includes additional data and annual changes. The brand created a short video to highlight the key changes which it summarises in two words, ‘Untapped Potential.’

The Future 2021 report concludes that many businesses are hampered by organisational and strategic issues, such as skills gaps or a lack of long-term planning. A further 31% of SMEs said they are not currently using any emerging technologies. Security was identified as the main concern for businesses when adopting new technologies, with 67% viewing it as more of a threat than this time last year.

The launch campaign includes the latest episode of BT’s ‘The Future Is Now’ video series which focuses on specific themes within the report that will be most important for the UK in coming months. Infographics have been developed for various segments, customer stories, educational films and articles on 5G, AI and cyber-security.

Hosted on the BT Enterprise unit website, the campaign will also include a live event with case studies from organisations which BT has supported in digital transformation. Find out more information and access the complete report here.