MONDAY 15 MAR 2021 2:24 PM


A new survey conducted by Channel Factory finds that 69% of consumers prefer to buy from brands committed to socially committed causes. A further 54% said they formed negative opinions of brands that fail to accurately target its content.

Consumers are increasingly demanding transparency from brands and are showing preference towards those that demonstrate a commitment to socially relevant and conscious causes.

The ‘Brand and Consumer Values Report’ found that 68% of consumers favour brands that are committed to making online environments more positive, while 60% prefer to buy from those committed to diversity and inclusion.

Reaching and engaging with the right audiences is increasingly difficult and brands must align marketing values to consumers in a relevant and targeted way. The report found that 54% of consumers said they would have a negative opinion of brands that run their ads on YouTube content made by creators whose social values they disagree with. This demonstrates the importance of targeted content through channels and platforms that align with the corporate reputation.

Tony Chen, founder and CEO of Channel Factory says, “For years, we have tip-toed around the need for advertising to be held more accountable - to be ethical, conscious, and conscientious. Undoubtedly, 2020 has accelerated this and consumers have made it clear that they want to be surrounded by content that speaks to them, is relevant and engaging.”

Channel Factory is the global brand suitability and ad performance tech platform on YouTube. It works to help brands by putting conscious advertising at the core of marketing strategy.

The report surveyed 1,000 adults between 18 and 65 in the US.