WEDNESDAY 24 NOV 2021 4:11 PM


Integrated communications agency Wunderman Thompson has devised a campaign for the National Centre for Domestic Violence focusing on the excuses people often use to deflect attention from the physical effects of abuse.

Government statistics from the latest Crime Survey of England and Wales for the year ending 2018, revealed that just 18% of women experiencing domestic abuse have reported it to the police, with reports from male victims at just 14.7%.

This campaign consists of partially covered up billboard sites, partly hidden films and blocked social media channels to coincide with International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Jo Wallace, creative director at Wunderman Thompson, says, “I was shocked and moved to action when I discovered how much abuse goes on without ever being reported. ‘The Big Cover Up’ campaign idea dramatically visualises how the full picture of domestic abuse is literally 80% greater than we’re aware of.  It’s ultimately a clever use of media to deliver a hard-hitting message.”

The creative focuses on the excuses that people give to deflect attention from the physical effects of abuse, such as ‘the garage door fell on me’ or ‘I fell over,’ which mean 80% of domestic abuse incidents are never reported. There is also a focus on promoting a helpline for victims to text if they are ready to speak out and need help securing a free protective injunction.

Sharon Bryan, head of partnerships at NCDV says, “This is the latest in a long line of impactful campaigns from Wunderman Thompson. This brilliant campaign, donated for free, is now being taken up by our official supporters and their followers. The message is that we must, as a society, bring the true extent of domestic abuse to light before we can have any hope of eliminating it.”