FRIDAY 8 OCT 2021 4:06 PM


Jane Slimming, CEO of Zeal, the full service digital and creative agency, has launched a new company to combat the recruitment and culture crisis currently facing businesses across the UK.

Culco was founded by Jane Slimming and her business partner Lisa Lister to provide cross-sector business owners with the knowledge, support, and ability they need to develop a positive workplace culture. Culco will help business owners to attract and retain talent to reduce recruitment costs, bridge skills gaps and increase productivity and creativity.

“I’ve found navigating the pandemic difficult, particularly maintaining culture and staff fulfillment, and I know I’m not alone. Lisa and I set up Culco to provide a support network for business owners to help them develop thriving cultures which retain talent and create a motivated and happy workforce,” says Jane Slimming, co-founder of Culco.

Many businesses leaders struggle knowing where to start when it comes to investigating in their culture. “It’s a massive topic in health care and “healing the healer” is the new buzz. It’s so important but difficult to achieve due to workload and many other pressures. It’s also a difficult one to gauge as a manager as what causes angst for one isn’t the same for another,” says Dawn Stott, CEO at The Association for Perioperative Practice.

Culco will offer support to businesses with seminars, peer-to-peer support, specialist consultancy, and insight into employee engagement. Business leaders will be able to access direct support through roundtable events, a designated consultant and a programme about speakers and workshops.

The success of the company will be measured through a range of outputs including productivity increase, staff retention, individual wellbeing improvements, and a reduction in recruitment costs.

Culco is hosting its first event on 09 November to introduce businesses to its offering and offer insight into steps to improve workplace culture. Find more information here.