FRIDAY 10 DEC 2021 2:49 PM


Research from Treasure Data, an enterprise customer data platform, reveals that just 26% of branded content received by UK consumers is deemed relevant to its audience, despite an increase in data collection since pre-pandemic levels. These findings work to highlight the potential consequences for brands underutilising or misusing consumer data.

The research commissioned by Treasure Data surveyed 2,000 UK consumers. It aimed to better understand attitudes towards data sharing, after 21% of British people believe they now give away more data to brands compared to pre-pandemic levels.

Only 35% of respondents said they receive digital campaigns that make them click through. This highlights a gap between data collection and meaningful utilisation, as brands are still struggling to provide tailored and relevant communications.

Of those surveyed, 44% of UK customers said they expect more than they are currently receiving from brands after agreeing to share personal data. Brands risk losing valuable communications streams as 45% of respondents said they would unsubscribe from comms within a week if it was not relevant. A further 20% said they would unsubscribe in just 24 hours.

Andrew Stephenson, director of marketing, EMEA at Treasure Data, says, “In the era of big data collection, it’s disappointing that consumers still feel they aren’t receiving the right value from brands for sharing their personal data.”

Younger people receive the most frequent brand communications, with an average of 16 interactions per day for those aged 18-34. This age group is also happiest to share their personal data, with 40% stating the benefit of a tailored service is worth it. On the contrary, just 17% of over 55s believe sharing personal data has worthwhile benefits.

The research highlights the need for more tailored communications as brands must work to ensure consumers feel their data is being utilised and not ignored. Despite 52% of UK consumers admitting a lack of understanding as to how their personal information is being used, 35% still said they would share more if it resulted in personalised and tailored content.

“Delivering relevant and timely communications which demonstrate a 360 view of the customer is the secret weapon when it comes to consumer satisfaction, and brands can’t afford to risk falling short,” says Stephenson.