MONDAY 15 FEB 2021 11:47 AM


Research conducted by Benenden Heath found that as many as 42% of businesses have seen an employee leave due to lack of wellbeing support. The organisation has therefore vowed to raise awareness of mental health in the workplace.

The research found that one of the principal reasons employees are attracted to jobs is the provision of strong mental wellbeing policy. Meanwhile, 54% of employees stated that a lack of support for mental wellbeing would lead to them seeking alternative employment.

The research calls for businesses to ensure their mental wellbeing policy is effective in order to successfully recruit and retain the best talent while keeping productivity high. The measures chosen to implement the policy should be seen as the building blocks for the wellbeing strategy as a whole. But, Benenden Health points to management teams and the tone set by the business as the glue holding the policy together.

The report says it is important to personalise the policy and build the mental wellbeing strategy around varying employee life circumstances. For example, younger employees may value support and advice around their finances, while older workers may find measures that alleviate loneliness more beneficial.

The most effective wellbeing programmes are those that recognise the workforce as evolving and diverse. Benenden Health encourages businesses to put structures in place to remind employees about the wellbeing programmes, through monthly roundups or newsletters to signpost the support offered.

Benenden Health is a not-for-profit organisation providing corporate healthcare to businesses across the UK. Naomi Thompson, head of organisational development at Benenden Health, led the research to provide insight into employee health and the importance of mental wellbeing policies.