TUESDAY 6 APR 2021 2:38 PM


Research from C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group found that 70% of global CO2 emissions come from cities. Swedish tech company, ClimateView, is using data to create a multi-layered digital platform to communicate and engage with stakeholders working towards net-zero emissions.

ClimateView was originally enlisted by the Swedish Climate Policy Council to assess Government policy in Sweden and work towards becoming the first net-zero emissions country by 2045. On 1 April it launched ClimateOS, the world’s first platform specifically designed to help global cities respond to climate change.

Using scalable technology, collective data and expert comms experience, ClimateOS uses algorithms to ensure cities have the clarity and information to make impactful decisions to save money, resources and time.

The platform allows cities to build realistic and impactful Climate Action Plans. It is designed to find solutions to common obstacles including the lack of standardisation and clear actionable guidance.

As with any effective comms strategy, the platform tailors Climate Action Plans to the city, taking local climate journeys, economic needs and specific issues such as urbanization and population into consideration. Climate strategists can gain a clear understanding of the annual and sector specific projected emissions based on prioritised targets.

ClimateOS can test and evaluate scenarios that may balance emissions though essential activity in the local economy. It uses interactive visualisations and technology to improve engagement for every stakeholder including residents, businesses and government decision makers.

Erik Eklund, energy and climate advisor for the City of Umeå, says, “The versatility of both the model and data means that, upon starting out, very little input is required from the city as much of the necessary data is already there enabling near-immediate execution. Harnessing the power of network effects, the more ClimateOS's user base scales, the stronger this data becomes enabling cities across the world to fight climate change faster and more efficiently than previously possible.”

Using this data collective data, the platform can calculate the impact of potential policy decisions and helps users to understand government policies.

ClimateView, combines its commitment to digital innovation with its global market reach as it currently operates in the UK, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and Spain. After strong growth in the European, UK and Canadian markets, the platform prepares to launch in the US and France this year.