FRIDAY 3 SEP 2021 1:55 PM


T Brand, the branded content studio within The New York Times Advertising, has announced the launch of a creative franchise helping brands to create thematic storytelling journeys about the Black experience in America.

The 'Soul of Us' initiative represents a commitment to placing Black voices at the centre of content development. It aims to help brands elevate the conversation around diversity, inclusion and representation in America.

Through telling real-life stories about the modelling, affirmation and inspiration needed to develop impactful Black leaders, the initiative will inspire young people to pursue their career goals and strive for leadership positions.

Vida Cornelious, VP creative at the New York Times Advertising, says, “Part of our foundational storytelling and D.E.I. commitment at T Brand is to advance conversations around accurate representation and elevation of diverse points of view in the advertising industry.”

The three-part series will focus on how creators in the Black community arrived in their current leadership positions and achieved success. It aims to highlight the different paths a person can take on a journey towards leadership. Topics include rising Black voices in the creative industry and the importance of community in supporting leadership.

“By telling nuanced stories to expose the beauty and humanity of Black life in America, we are making way for shared understanding and shedding light on ultimately what makes Black lives truly matter. This is just the beginning of how we can begin to close the cultural empathy gap,” adds Cornelious.

Find out more about the the Soul of Us here.