MONDAY 2 AUG 2021 1:09 PM


West Midlands based global creative communications group, DRPG, has announced its appointment as the official promotional event services provider for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, providing the city a once in a lifetime opportunity to showcase its people and culture to a global audience.

DRPG will deliver the creative communications for the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, using multi-channel campaigns created entirely in-house. Matt Eagles, head of communications at Birmingham 2022, says, “It is great to have DRPG on board as our Official Promotional Event Services Provider. They are well known for their impressive, highly creative events that not only wow people, but create a lasting impact.”

The power of effective communications within the sporting event industry was made evident after the success of the London 2012 Olympics. The BBC reported newspaper sales rose by 1m copies, while 27m people tuned in to watch the opening ceremony.

Extensive media coverage, including emotive storytelling connected viewers to the British athletes and generated excitement among UK communities. The London 2012 Olympics was led by a cross-government communications campaign, which focused on promoting everything Britain had to offer, while conveying confidence in the city’s infrastructure and transport links to facilitate the event.

Sarah Jones, director of communications at the Government Olympic Executive from 2008, says that long-term strategy to generate attention, clear collective stories of success, and contingency planning were key to driving successful comms around the event.

While the London 2012 Olympics generated a high level of coverage and attention, it was the London 2012 Paralympic Games strategy that truly transformed attitudes towards sport and disability. The opening ceremony featuring Stephen Hawking saw an audience of 11m viewers tune in to Channel 4. The broadcasting organisation worked tirelessly to better the reputation of the games by communicating human stories and committing to high quality coverage, comparable to that of the Olympic games.

A YouGov survey conducted by Channel 4 found that more than 805 of 2,000 respondents agreed that disabled athletes were as talented as able-bodied athletes, which rose to 91% after the Paralympic coverage. Half of those surveyed also stated that the London 2012 Paralympics, was the first Paralympic games they had ever watched.

With ESG commitments on the top of corporate agendas, DRPG has committed to delivering a carbon-neutral Games. “Through our own sustainability goals and values, as well as our sustainable event planning promise and CSR Charter review, we wholeheartedly support the missions of Birmingham 2022,” says Dale Parmenter, CEO of DRPG.

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth games will see around 4,500 athletes from 72 nations and territories compete in 19 sports across 14 competition venues next summer. The event is expected to attract over one million physical spectators to Birmingham, with a further 1.5 billion tuning in worldwide.

“We are really excited to be supporting the Games every step of the way and long into the future as the legacy of the event lives on in Birmingham and beyond. This is a great opportunity for us to fully flex our creative muscles and connect with other key businesses in the region to work together and make this the best Commonwealth Games yet,” adds Parmenter.

The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games are to be held from 28 July until 8 August 2022.