TUESDAY 26 OCT 2021 11:08 AM


Research from programmatic research technology company, Lucid, and market research and data consultancy, Viterous World, found that 57% of people still feel anxious about returning to the workplace. However, one in four people feel under pressure from their employer to do so.

The survey assessed the attitudes of individuals across the UK, as the partnering organisations sought to analyse current employee sentiment towards flexible working. The results highlighted feelings of anxiety, mounting pressure and hesitancy to transition back to the workplace.

The survey found that 69% of respondents feel their employer could have done more to ease their transition back into the workplace. In terms of inclusivity, 65% of people surveyed said that work environments are still not welcoming or positive spaces for all employees. The majority of those with a physical disability or mental health condition also reported feeling as though their workplace is not doing enough to support them.

“What may seem inclusive and welcoming to some, will not be considered so by others. Yet, if employers listen and react appropriately to all of their staff, they will be able to develop and implement policies and processes that address the needs of all employees. Thus ensuring a safe, positive, and equal environment,” commented Bex Grove, associate director at Vitreous World.

When asked what employers could do to help ease the transition back to the workplace, the survey found that 33% would prefer a flexible, hybrid working approach rather than an immediate full-time return to the office. Clearer communication on mask wearing and social distancing was cited by 32%, and a further 32% would like their employer to provide clear policies on how they will manage situations like Covid-19 in the future.

To make the workplace more inclusive, 26% of respondents said that employers should prioritise flexible start and finish times, 26% said employers should recognise and reward employees for the performance equally, and 19% said they should hold company-wide meetings to improve communication to all employees.

“The findings from this research are a stark reminder to businesses of all sizes across the country that, despite feeling as if we are returning to business as usual, the current working environment is extremely delicate,” said Ben Hogg, MD EMEA and Asia at Lucid.