MONDAY 29 MAR 2021 12:17 PM


Non-profit organisations have been put under huge strain through the global health and economic crises of the past year. Ad-tech start up, Jove, has announced it will offer its Creative Insights service for free to help aid non-profit recovery in 2021.

Creative Insights by Jove is a platform that uses data to provide actionable insights to inspire creative concepts and optimise comms strategies. It provides ad-planning software to give ad buyers, digital marketers and brand managers’ access to data that will help them to understand their comms impact and audiences.

The new scheme will enable non-profits to target their expenditure and optimise resources by enabling them to see what designs work and create more impactful campaigns. It shows comprehensive ad data across various sectors and the thematic creative elements that create positive results.

Ryan Turner, CMO of Jove, says, “On the whole, non-profits have not had the budgets to benefit from the largely data-driven techniques for microtargeting and personalization, like the corporate sector. They have historically relied on compelling storytelling, creativity, empathy, and big ideas to attract and move audiences into action.”

With increased privacy constraints such as the growing restrictions on third-party cookies, it also offers a new way of analysis that doesn’t require the collection on private data. “In some ways, the so-called ‘rise of privacy’ is working to level the playing field, and we believe that non-profits are in a unique position to lead the way in bringing creativity back to advertising,” adds Turner.