THURSDAY 27 MAY 2021 12:21 PM


IPREX global communications platform has launched its first nine-month programme for emerging PR and marketing leaders to gain access to industry insight, education and expertise.

The programme will give participants exposure to top industry practitioners and agency principles from across America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Attendees will enrol in a mentoring programme alongside the course modules. Topics will expand beyond standard marketing and communications to provide holistic business management skills.

Alexandra Mayhew, IPREX executive director, says, “IPREX Academy harnesses the expertise of both members and outside experts to build a unique professional development opportunity for agency professionals who have been recognized as emerging leaders.”

The course will encompass business strategy, financial management, leadership skills and the importance of diversity and cross-cultural communications. It also offers a session in the annual IPREX Emerging Leaders Conference and virtual social networking events.

IPREX has accepted 18 members for the first IPREX Academy class. Upon completion of the programme, participants will be awarded an IPREX Academy accreditation.

“Dynamic learning opportunities such as this are increasingly valuable as communications and marketing professionals navigate a rapidly evolving and extremely competitive industry. We’re thrilled to launch this unique leadership development opportunity to help keep our members ahead of competition,” adds Mayhew.

For more information on the IPREX Global Leadership Academy contact Emma Maunder.