THURSDAY 14 OCT 2021 11:01 AM


The Healthcare Communications Association has launched a new guide to help comms professionals develop digital projects. The guide provides a template for collaborative working between those commissioning projects and the digital specialists working on them.

Digital campaigns have become an increasingly important component of healthcare communications, particularly over the last eighteen months. Yet those holding budgets and leading projects are not digital specialists, this guide aims to provide support in their understanding of the stages, techniques and terminology for best practice in digital content creation.

“Digital, like many specialist professions, has its own language and processes for successful delivery. To deliver the best results, it is important that all stakeholders have a common understanding of process, roles, and responsibilities,” says Ben Finlay, group innovation officer at Publicis Health, who led the finalisation of the guide.

The guide titled ‘Digital project creation: A checklist of best practices and recommended capabilities’ was developed and published by the Healthcare Communications Association’s Standards and Best Practice Committee. It outlines the three stages of effective digital campaign creation: discover, design and deliver. Complete with external links to further information, the guide aims to be a simple checklist and comprehensive educator for best practice.

Mike Dixon, CEO of the Healthcare Communications Association says, “It’s now hard to imagine anybody delivering healthcare communications programmes not having to manage some element of digital. As a result, although healthcare communicators are not digital specialists, they need to be digitally astute. This guide helps support communicators whether new to digital projects, just wanting a reminder or by providing the foundation for a working process that all stakeholders can follow.”

Access the Digital project creation: A checklist of best practices and recommended capabilities guide here.