FRIDAY 10 SEP 2021 12:01 PM


Communications network, Wunderman Thompson, has released a global research report showing that 80% of people around the world believe inspiration is not only vital to their lives but more important than sleep, physical intimacy and personal treats. Over 40% said they value feeling inspired more than time spent with their children.

The Inspired InFocus report aimed to identify the value of inspiration in brand communications and where people are looking to find it. Nature was found to be inspiring for the highest number respondents at 54%, followed by movies and TV for 43% and stories of honesty and integrity, and stories of kindness, both for 41%.

Inspiration is defined in the report as ‘a human experience that always feels good, and always evokes change.’ The impact of Covid-19 has made people more reflective and keener to find inspiration in brand communications, with comedy, indulgence and romance ranking far lower in terms of sparking audience inspiration.

Mel Edwards, global CEO at Wunderman Thompson, says, “We’re excited to share the findings from our first ever Inspire InFocus report, which reveal facets of human nature never before uncovered. We believe that inspiration has an overwhelming positive effect, enabling people to do things they often believe are beyond their capabilities. It’s a force for motivating change, sparking people’s imaginations and driving growth for ambitions brands.”

Gaining data-driven awareness of consumers innate needs and what inspires them can enable brands to connect with viewers on an emotional level and tap into the consumer consciousness.

The data was collected by Wunderman Thompson’s futures division, WT Intelligence and its proprietary market research consultancy, SONAR, using a survey of 16,000 split evenly across gender and markets in the UK, US, China and Brazil during May 2021.

Download the full report here.