FRIDAY 10 DEC 2021 1:52 PM


Instagram has launched a new campaign with the Cybersmile Foundation, a non-profit organisation committed to digital wellbeing and tackling bullying and abuse online. The creative aims to encourage young people to be kinder online and become a digital ally, while also positioning Instagram as an active campaigner for social change.

The creative is centred around the idea of a ‘recipe’ which combines different tools to 'Create a kinder environment,' the acronym for which is C.A.K.E. The social campaign aims to inspire small actions that collectively work to build a kinder and safer environment online. 

Famous faces and influencers were brought in to raise awareness of the campaign on social media, including Dr Alex George, Megan Jayne Crabbe and Nikki Lilly. Instagram users were encouraged to share a cake emoji on their profile as a symbol of support, accompanied with the hashtag #CreateAKinderEnvironment.

This collaborative campaign was overseen by Dr Barbara Mariposa, a mental health and wellbeing expert, to educate teens on how to stay safe online. It aims to encourage young people to reach out and be an ally to others, while also raising awareness of the safety tools available on Instagram.

Tara Hopkins, Instagram’s director of public policy at Meta, says, “We want Instagram to remain a place where young people can go to connect with friends, be part of a community, and explore their interests. We’re committed to helping young people take control of what they see and do online, and give parents and carers the tools to be part of these important conversations.”

The campaign works to improve Instagram’s reputation as a brand that cares about its young and potentially vulnerable audience. By partnering with a digital wellbeing charity, the brand is demonstrating its long-term social commitment to supporting the social media community.

Scott Freeman, CEO at The Cybersmile Foundation, says, “Whether it’s sending a simple DM to let someone being targeted know they’re not alone, or directing them to Cybersmile if they need further support, by working together we can make all of our feeds a friendlier place.”