MONDAY 15 MAR 2021 11:20 AM


Widen Collective and Shutterstock have joined forces in a strategic partnership that will improve usability and product efficiency.

The integration will enable content professionals to curate assets in Shutterstock and sync them to the Widen Collective with metadata, licensing information, and usage rights included. This will streamline the process of sharing brand-approved images with collaborators.

Creators previously downloaded content then uploaded to the digital asset management platform in a time-consuming and error-prone process. The integration improves efficiency and service provision for Widen and Shutterstock by removing the middleman and streamlining the user experience.

The business benefits of this integration partnership are advantageous to both Widen and Shutterstock and will work to improve usability of both products. The enhanced system will decentralise content workflows, reduce content costs and increase agility and speed to the market.

Jamie Liechty, partner manager at Widen says, “After we discovered how many clients were using the Widen Collective and Shutterstock in tandem, this integration became a no-brainer. More than 30 of our shared enterprise clients are already interested in using this integration because the value is so clear. Shutterstock is an excellent resource and partner for the Widen community.”

Widen is a maker of digital asset management and product information management software, while Shutterstock is a leading global creative platform offering solutions, content and tools for brands globally.