MONDAY 22 NOV 2021 10:27 AM


Collaborative learning platform, 360Learning, has launched its second unscripted reality TV series about workplaces and career switches. This series titled ‘Learning Audrey,’ follows on from the success of its previous award-winning show ‘Onboarding Joei.’

Consisting of five episodes, this series follows Audrey Jarre as she moves from a role in the customer services team where she managed four people, to a new role in learning and development where she managed over 200.

Interview style clips show Audrey explaining the challengers, fears and opportunities she has experienced. The innovative new series offers an authentic insight into what it is like to change jobs. The video then highlights how the 360Learning platform can help employers and employees to better understand common workplace situations.

Joei Chan, director of brand & content at 360Learning says, “After the unexpected success of Onboarding Joei, I realised there’s a strong demand for honest and authentic sharing of the realities of work. Learning Audrey is a story that a lot of people might be going through right now; a story of change and dreams.

“With The Great Resignation, lots of people are making career changes and we wanted to highlight all the ups and downs of going through such a change. The goal of our unscripted docu-series is to show the world what employees really go through with none of the corporate sugarcoating. Through our reality TV series, we show the reality of work,” added Chan.

The video was delivered in response to what is commonly being referred to as the ‘Great Resignation’ as businesses look to better understand their employee needs and retain talent. It is aimed at both employees and employers to highlight the value of honest and open workplace communication.

Watch the full series here.