THURSDAY 2 SEP 2021 1:32 PM

LENS: BOOKING.COM have released a new recruitment campaign which tells the story of a blind employee that found a career he loves in his role as an engineering manager. The video works on multiple levels, to attract potential talent, highlight its commitment to supporting disabled employees and ensure employees feel valued.

This campaign tells the story of Parham Doustdar, engineering manager at as he talks through the challenges he has faced and conquered as a blind man. “Being in a world that is not built with you in mind is a practice of problem solving every day,” says Doustdar. The video uses engaging storytelling to focus in on one employee’s story of personal development and demonstrate the ways the brand has supported Doustdar to achieve his career goals.

A voiceover plays over visuals of Doustdar going about daily tasks both inside and outside the workplace. Parham tells his own story, from fourteen-year-old boy who started playing with computers, to becoming a professional programmer and moving with his girlfriend to the Netherlands as a completely blind couple. “I have been without sight my whole life. People understandably didn’t know how to react when they were confronted by a programmer who couldn’t see,” says Doustdar.

He explains how his role at has enabled him to find immense job satisfaction as he gets to help solve problems for people all over the world. “Working at a company like is very useful for my personal self-improvement,” says Doustdar. Highlighting Doustdar’s success aims to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to finding and supporting the best talent, regardless of disability.

The video works to demonstrate the brand’s inclusion and diversity efforts while also boosting employee engagement as staff such as Doustdar feel seen and valued. The campaign has been shard on social media with links to the career pages, alongside the hashtag #lifeatbooking