MONDAY 16 AUG 2021 10:51 AM


Creative agency, Droga5 has worked with Brewdog, the Scottish craft beer brand, to launch the ‘Planet’s Favourite Beer’ campaign, championing inclusivity and highlighting its credentials as the world’s first carbon-negative brewery.

The campaign shows the different lives of BrewDog customers and non-customers across a range of personalities and lifestyles, from vegetarians to vegetarians that lie, hipsters, people who believe in aliens, shoplifters, happy couples and unhappy couples.

The video uses the brand’s signature humour as a backdrop to the more fundamental message of inclusivity. Lauren Carrol, brand and marketing director at BrewDog, says, “The new campaign reinforces BrewDog’s commitment to having a positive impact, both on our diverse audience and the planet. We’re proud to be a beer for all and to serve our amazing global community.”

The comical video grabs the attention of the audience before contextualising the content to highlight the brand’s ESG commitments as the world’s first carbon-negative brewery. BrewDog has offset its entire carbon footprint through tree planting initiatives around the world. It also brews using renewable energy, opts for packaging made from easily recyclable materials and transports its beer in the UK’s first electric 19-tonne truck.

The message is clear - BrewDog beer is for everyone inhabiting the earth. The video ends by showcasing the brand’s most tangible sustainability effort, ‘we’re the world’s first carbon-negative brewery and plant trees for every beer you drink,’ which leaves the viewer with a positive and impactful message to influence future purchase decisions.

As part of Droga5 London’s commitment to the sustainability campaign, each member of the agency has been granted Lost Forest citizenship and will plant one tree. David Kolbusz, chief creative officer at Droga5 London, says, “When you run a carbon-negative brewery, it isn’t just the beer drinkers who benefit. It’s everyone on earth. This reductive equation became the starting point for a campaign we’re enormously proud of.”

The campaign will run on TV, VoD, OOH, print and across digital social channels.