TUESDAY 13 JUL 2021 11:47 AM


The British Beauty Council has released five short films demonstrating how the beauty industry has been essential to people’s health and wellbeing through the pandemic. It works to generate awareness and positive PR for both the British Beauty Council, and the small businesses working to bounce back post-lockdown.

The ‘Bring Back Beauty’ campaign captures the benefits of the beauty industry beyond aesthetics. It tells personal and emotive stories of local business, staff and customers that have turned to salons in times of difficulty for comfort and support.

Shot by beauty director, Simon Emmett, the biographical films focus on telling stories from a diverse range of people. It is part of the British Beauty Council’s wider ‘Oh Hello Beauty’ campaign, which encourages customers to return to salons post-lockdown and support small businesses.

Millie Kendall, MBE and chief executive of the British Beauty Council, says, "These biographical films showcase what the beauty industry really does for its clients and how essential they are to British communities up and down the country. Whether it's your sexual orientation and fitting in, or whether it's being supported through cancer treatment or the loss of a loved one, the benefits of salons go above and beyond simply having a haircut or a facial."

The campaign works to promote the British Beauty Council’s social responsibility efforts, which are crucial to the survival of the industry. More than 7,000 salons in the UK have gone out of business since March last year, and the industry has been one of the hardest hit UK industry sectors.

The video series also gives small business owners a larger platform to share their stories. Jonida Lile, owner of LifeSpa, says she wasn’t sure what the future would hold for her salon post-lockdown as she struggled to keep her business and family afloat. The video focuses on telling stories of hope as Lile says the business survived only with the support of loyal customers.

Media relations for the video campaign were handled pro bono by beauty communications agency, SEEN. The five videos were put together into a compilation that has been shared widely across social media, accompanied by giphy stickers and social media assets.