THURSDAY 29 APR 2021 2:15 PM


The latest campaign from Burger King uses humour to connect with audiences. It engages with the consumer's apprehension around the ending of national lockdowns.

Creative agency, David Madrid, conceived the 'Confusing Times' campaign using humour to engage with audiences and touch on social anxieties as we remerge from lockdown.

The video shows clips of different individuals having realisations including ‘Emma discovered she likes dating Mark’s profile more than she likes dating Mark’, and ‘Judy wants to go to the office but she also needs to work in pyjamas.’

The dramatic music and voice over creates a mocking sense of intensity, similar to that of a movie trailer.

The campaign cleverly pinpoints common confusions in the pandemic, for example ‘Terrance know he should sneeze into his elbow, but isn’t everyone bumping elbows? He’s confused.’

It directly responds to the current social climate as we emerge from lockdown, making light of the anxieties, fears and confusions faced by many.

The new meat free burger is presented as ‘confusing’ but the video campaign suggests that with the confusion of the pandemic, now is the best time to try it.

Burger King is often in the media for its use of humour in campaigns, and not always for the right reasons, for example its ‘Women Belong in the Kitchen’ campaign last month was widely misinterpreted and damaging to the brand reputation.

However this campaign by David Madrid, maintains the signature offbeat humour while connecting with consumer and touching on social anxieties.