MONDAY 26 JUL 2021 12:39 PM


Channel 4 has released its Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games campaign to capture the incredible work, dedication and challenges that Paralympians face both in the games and in everyday life.

The campaign titled ‘Super. Human.’ was directed by Oscar-nominated cinematographer, Bradford Young, and is a follow on from Channel 4’s previous award-winning campaigns, ‘We are the Superhumans’ and ‘Meet the Superhumans’ from the Rio and London Paralympic Games.

Focusing on the everyday challenges faced by Paralympians, this campaign uses emotive storytelling to emphasise the human nature of the event. The video begins with British Paralympic cyclist, Kadeena Cox, dreaming about competing before being woken by reality.

Other Paralympians are featured as they train under exceptional circumstances and demonstrate incredible strength, while still struggling to overcome daily challenges such as entering a restaurant without wheelchair accessibility. The film carefully balances humour and emotion to replicate the rollercoaster journey of continuous training.

The campaign showcases Channel 4’s commitment to delivering excellent coverage of the Paralympics, setting the precedent for other broadcasters to do the same. By focusing on the individual athletes, the video paints an authentic and accurate picture of what it means to be the very best at your sport regardless of disability.

The script was written in partnership with the Paralympians, to capture the reality of their lives and ensure accurate representation. The International Paralympic Committee, the British Paralympics Association and Scope, also provided insight into the campaign to ensure Channel 4 created an authentic and impactful video.

The film was developed over 18 months and filmed over two weeks, with all the behind the scenes images of the film and athlete portraits, being captured Ian Treherne, a blind photographer.

The creative concept was conceived by Channel 4’s multi award-winning agency 4Creative and will be shown across TV and social media platforms.