WEDNESDAY 29 SEP 2021 10:00 AM


Customer engagement solution provider, Cheetah Digital, has released a new campaign highlighting the issue of third-party data. The video works to raise awareness of digital data collection and encourage marketers to reassess their targeted comms.

Cheetah Digital is a cross-channel customer engagement solution provider for the modern marketer. This series of videos touches on the prevalent issue of consumer data privacy and points to the Signals21 content series which works to helps comms professionals humanise customer engagement.

This video campaign was created in response to the company’s annual survey of 5,000 global respondents which found that 70% of consumers do not trust social media platforms with their data because of privacy issues. Further findings revealed that 37% of consumers regularly delete cookies all together.

As legal enforcements around ad targeting increases, Cheetah Digital is working to show that this is not a sustainable way for brands to reach customers. Instead, the company argues that brands should adopt zero-party data which is provided voluntarily by customers and is specific to their own personal preferences.

The three short videos show actor Wayne Knight as a marketing director plotting to use third-party cookies to target consumers. It uses comedy to expose the various ways cookies are used by marketeers as each video ends with a fact such as “66% of consumers said ads based on cookie tracking were creepy not cool.”

The video ends by signposting towards Cheetah Digital’s upcoming Signal21 content series which will provide informative materials to help marketers build successful strategies and camapigns.