TUESDAY 14 SEP 2021 11:30 AM


To celebrate 30 years, Disneyland Paris has created a short video to showcase the theme park history and generate excitement around the future of the brand.

Utilising the 30-year anniversary as an opportunity to engage with consumers and inspire internal audiences, Disneyland Paris has announced a yearlong celebration with a teaser video posted on social media channels.

The video uses dramatic music to align with the brand identity as a place of magic and excitement for everyone. It begins with a purple screen, the brand colours, with plain text that reads, ‘After 30 years of dreams...’ before showing historic footage of the theme park opening day.  

Natasha Rafalski, Disneyland Paris President, said, “I am absolutely thrilled to share that we will officially kick off Disneyland Paris’ 30th Anniversary on March 6th, 2020! All of us at Disneyland Paris cannot wait to celebrate our enchanting past and exciting future with each and everyone of you!”

Using film footage of popular Disney characters works to tell the story of the brand before it unveils its anniversary logo, the number 30 that also forms the shape of the iconic Mickey Mouse ears. To attract a global audience, Disneyland Paris has focused its campaign on social media, using music and video footage to engage with audiences of all languages.