TUESDAY 26 OCT 2021 11:04 AM


Creative agency, Saatchi & Saatchi, created a musical campaign for mobile network operator and internet service provider, EE, to highlight the issue of children’s safety online. It works to demonstrate the brands corporate social responsibility and raise awareness of its online safety course.

Research from Ofcom revealed that 49% of 8 to 11-year-olds own their own smart phone, increasing to 91% for 12 to 15-year-olds. It also found that 81% have had at least one potentially harmful experience online in the past year.

In response to this concerning data, EE developed the ‘PhoneSmart’ course, a free online programme aimed at young people between the age of 10-13 years old, who may be getting their first phone. EE designed the course to educate young people on how to stay safe and be kind online. Upon completing the course, they will be awarded their ‘EE Phone Smart License.’

The short film featured musician, Clemet Marfo, as she demonstrates the range of things children can do with their phones, from creating new dance routines to learning new skills, but also the threats they are exposed to such as bullying and fake profiles.

EE created this campaign in response to parents and guardians concerns around the challenges presented by giving a child their own devise. The hour-long course was created in partnership with Internet matters and is split into four modules: online hate, digital wellbeing, staying safe online and digital and media literacy.

The video combined film and animation to reflect the fun and interactive course, which includes storylines and interactive activities all while identifying the dangers of online abuse, hate, discrimination and cyberbullying. The musical campaign discusses the opportunities and threats through song, to ensure the course appears fun and engaging to both parents and young people.

The campaign raises external awareness of EE’s corporate mission as the UK’s leading network, to connect for good and ensure users are safe online. Kelly Engstrom, brand and demand generation communications director at EE, says, “The build-up to getting your first phone is both exciting and daunting for children and their parents. The EE PhoneSmart Licence was created to help navigate this milestone, equipping young people with an understanding of phone safety.”