TUESDAY 1 JUN 2021 8:58 AM


This video from sports betting and gaming entertainment group, Entain, was shared on social media to promote the launch of its #MakeTodayMatter campaign, which aims to inspire colleagues internationally and align sustainability commitments.

Entain was rebranded from GVC Holdings in late 2020, it has since committed to focusing on sustainability and growth, with the aim to deliver value for customers, communities and stakeholders.

The video campaign begins by outlining Entain’s corporate commitment to reducing its carbon emissions to Net Zero by 2035, with statements from Entain CEO, Jette Nygaard-Andersen and Virginia McDowell, non-executive director and chair of the ESG committee. It continues by showcasing the steps and achievements Entain has already made in reducing its emissions.

User-generated content allows Entain employees to proudly state these accomplishments and maintains a sense of authenticity and community involvement. “Since 2017, we’ve halved carbon emissions per employee but there’s still a lot to do,” says Colin Gray, environment manager at Entain.

The video cuts clear text between employee statements, giving the campaign a clear structure. Steve Howells, group HSSE director at Entain says, “there are so many opportunities across Entain to cut not only our emissions but cost too, so we’re bringing together a whole group of people to focus our priorities and take action.”

Regional managers share their accomplishments and plans for the future, giving recognition to their teams but also working to inspire others. The video concludes by highlighting Entain’s partnership with brynk, an environmental service that helps businesses to offset their carbon footprint.

The #MakeTodayMatter campaign was shared with employees to boost internal engagement and cooperation with company commitments to sustainability. The video was also posted to social media, to improve external brand awareness and visual standing on ESG issues.