TUESDAY 27 APR 2021 10:20 AM


Enviva is the world’s largest producer of sustainable wood pellets, a low-carbon alternative to fossil fuels. This informative video campaign, released to coincide with World Earth Day, works to inform and engage with investors and improve public perceptions of the bioenergy industry.

The campaign video titled ‘The Future of Fuel’ is filmed in a high resolution, documentary style format and described as ‘a bioenergy case study’.

By focusing on informing the viewer, Enviva promotes the industry and answers common questions in a seamless and organic format.

World Earth Day was the perfect occasion for the company to showcase its brand identity and boost consumer awareness. It presents the problem of global warming before thoroughly explaining a solution in bioenergy and the future of innovation at Enviva.

The video begins with clips of the earth and a voiceover from John Keppler, Enviva chairman and CEO, as he talks through the global need to achieve net zero emissions.

It then looks at the foresting industry, with Keppler stating ‘wood is an essential part of our future.’ He then talks through the benefits of wood pellets as an alternative energy source.

Katie Fernholz, president and CEO of Dovetail Partners, talks directly to the camera and explains the way energy is produced and consumed.

Keppler and Fernholz intermittently explain how and why the company works sustainably, using the pellets of wood that would otherwise be left behind when trees are harvested.

They discuss innovation and leadership within the foresting industry, before highlighting the importance of the people, processes and systems that ensure reforestation.

The video flips to Washington DC, where Dr Jennifer Jenkins, Enviva VP and CSO, explains the company’s track and trace system, that ensures the pellets are coming from sustainable and certified sources.

It ends by showing the impact of Enviva’s climate solutions, ‘the United Kingdom over the last several months, ran 67 days without burning a single ton of coal.’

This informative campaign uses internal experts, engaging video clips and clear explanations backed up with data, to better inform the viewer of the company processes, ethos and future of the industry.

The video was shared on social media with the hashtag #forestproud.