THURSDAY 8 APR 2021 4:00 PM


The beer brand has launched the second part of its sustainability campaign working to reduce pollution in the ocean and highlight the state of ecological emergency.

The two minute long video titled ‘Lovers’ shows clips of rescue and clean up missions in Spain as volunteers collect plastic from the beaches and oceans while saving animals tangled in the mess. It works to give visibility and thanks to the divers, marine biologists, researchers, NGOs and disseminators who dedicate their lives to protect the oceans.

It was filmed in the Mediterranean coast where the brand originates. The video ends with the volunteers sitting together on a beach sharing an Estrella beer to bring the focus back to the brand and its sustainability efforts as ‘the beer of Barcelona’.

Five initiatives are shown in the short video, each from different organisations including the Posidonia Maps project, an app which shows boats where to anchor and reduce harm to the vulnerable oceanic plants. Other initiatives include the Ghost Diving Costa Brava Project in which divers extract up to 200kg of lost fishing nets from the ocean, and Wildlife Sense, a research and conservation protect working to protect Kefalonia’s loggerhead sea turtles.

The aim of the campaign is to encourage UK consumers to make more sustainable choices and protect our way of life for the future. The video calls viewers to action ‘defending our way of life is a beautiful way to live.’

The song lyrics in the video respond to those from the first campaign instalment, ‘Soul’, which focused on the distress and suffering caused by ocean pollution.

Anna Ferrer Magrià, UK marketing manager for Estrella Damm, says, “We wanted to give visibility to the initiatives we’re working with to help protect the Mediterranean ocean, which has been part of our DNA since 1876. We’re hoping that this campaign will inspire everyone to make more sustainable choices and encourage people and further brands to do so too.”

Estrella has previously campaigned for sustainability and uses only certified green energy and local, natural ingredients so this campaign perfectly aligns with its brand values. In 2020 it replaced plastic rings on cans with biodegradable and recyclable cardboard. This initiative alone removed 89 million rings, equal to 260 tons of plastic from the business.

This campaign draws consumer attention to the brand’s sustainability efforts and on-going commitment to reduce human impact on the environment while still maintaining our way of life.

This video launched yesterday (7 April) and is the second in the campaign series, following ‘Soul’ which was released in October last year. The campaign idea was conceived by Oriol Villar and produced by Nacho Gayán.