MONDAY 2 AUG 2021 9:39 AM


Luxury fashion brand, Farfetch has produced a short recruitment video to generate excitement and awareness for the launch of its graduate programme.

For the sixth edition of its Plug-In Graduates Programme, Farfetch has created a video encouraging applicants to ‘do what’s never been done.’ This campaign was designed to fit social media platforms such as LinkedIn in order to reach the target audience of potential young professionals.

The simple video uses footage of young Farfetch employees at work in both independent and collaborative settings. The upbeat music creates a sense of excitement while white text transitions on screen.

The video works to engage directly with a target audience of graduates, by asking a relatable question, and offering an answer that would appeal to them. It asks the viewer to imagine what their life would like in five years, a question that many soon to be graduates will have considered.  

The video has been shared across digital platforms alongside a link to the application page, with the hashtag #FarFetch and #DoWhatsNeverBeenDone.