TUESDAY 25 MAY 2021 11:11 AM


Across the Pond, an independent creative agency focused on humanising complex content, has created a campaign to help Google showcase its work in Quantum AI computing.

The animated video creates a story that every viewer can follow, despite covering complex topics of quantum computing. It uses a clear and engaging voice over from Sabrina Hong, a member of Google’s Quantum AI team to highlight the company’s work, achievement and innovation in this space.

Nick Alden, creative at Across the Pond, says, “Like lots of new tech, quantum computing, to some, can sound mysterious. Which is why it was more important than ever to make sure we turned this complex subject into something human, realistic, and accessible to everyone. That meant resisting those sci-fi tropes and giving it context with the audience.”

Across the Pond helped Google to break quantum computing down into an aesthetic and appealing format. The campaign also looks to the future and positions the brand as an innovator in quantum computing, moving away from old-fashioned graphics.

Using animated themes of nature to tell the story of quantum computing made the content accessible and engaging to a consumer audience. Rohit Iyer, creative director of the campaign, says, “We found a distinct separation between the world of classical computing — organised, developed, predictable — and the world of quantum computing — open, natural spaces that have yet to be explored. A literal new frontier.”

The video was released to coincide with Google’s annual I/O event last week. It was made available on YouTube and shared across digital platforms.