WEDNESDAY 19 MAY 2021 12:16 PM


The new video campaign from Greenpeace challenges the British government to face the rising plastic crisis using high definition animation. It works to inform and shock the audience with a literal representation of the 1.8 million kilograms of plastic exported by the UK everyday.

The two-minute video, created by Studio Birthplace and co-produced by Park Village, is titled ‘Wasteminster’, in a critical reference to the government’s poor environmental policy around plastic waste. An animated Boris Johnson figurine stands in front of 10 Downing Street, before being crushed under the weight of plastic waste.

The audio has been taken from Boris Johnson’s own speeches and comments on sustainability, edited to play as an incoherent mumbling of information. Directors Sil van der Woerd and Jorik Dozy, at Studio Birthplace, say “We didn’t want to put words into Boris’s mouth so we went through hours of interviews and speeches by Boris and the government where plastic pollution and the environment were discussed and quotes were extracted. All statements in the film were made by Boris and the government.”

Humour is used to lighten the tone of a very serious topic at the forefront of business communications ahead of COP26 in November.  The video shows the clear message in white text, ‘this is the actual amount of plastic waste the UK dumps on other countries every.’

The tone changes as the video shows clips of exported plastic waste being burnt and discarded in other countries, ‘causing a health emergency for local people, killing wildlife and polluting our oceans.’ It ends with a call to action for the audience to share the video wherever possible on social media.