WEDNESDAY 5 JAN 2022 2:20 PM


In its first digital comms campaign targeted at a North American audience, fitness apparel and accessories brand, Gymshark, has created a motivational video highlighting the mental benefits of exercise, while also putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of its brand ethos.

To coincide with its global expansion plans, Gymshark’s latest comms campaign is targeted at a North American audience and fittingly titled ‘United we Sweat.’ The campaign aims educate the viewers on the unique brand offering, as a brand that supports equality in sport. It highlights the company as diverse community of athletes that embrace and support people of shapes and abilities.

Created by strategy firm, Ultra Brand Studio, the campaign puts diversity at the heart of its message. The campaign features a diverse group of athletes including famous faces such as UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou, American footballer George Bamfo, and powerlifter Lya Bovoil.

As clips of the different sportspeople push themselves in various activities, a voice over says “The world is so set on pulling us apart. Spreading bad news, never good news. I guess that’s why it’s called breaking news.”

The video then focuses on the mental benefits of exercise, highlighting this as a key part of the Gymshark brand purpose. The voice over says, “But there’s a place where the world’s noise is drowned out by the sounds of weights lifting. A place where we don’t have to look the same, train the same or love the same.”

The campaign message ‘United we Sweat’ fills the screen at the end of the video, to ensure a lasting impression on the viewer. The digital campaign launched across various social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, alongside