MONDAY 23 AUG 2021 2:08 PM


Beer brand, Heineken has built the Greener Bar to showcase its sustainability efforts in an innovative and immersive way. The sustainable bar works to promote the Heineken brand and boost its reputation as a socially and environmentally conscious company.

The short video promotes the opening of the Greener Bar at the Heineken London E-Prix in partnership with Formula E. But, more importantly it works to showcase the brand’s efforts to reduce waste, water, emissions and energy usage.

It opens with a statement of awareness and accountability, ‘Heineken hosts some of the best parties in the world. They also create waste and use a lot of energy.’ The innovative bar concept allows the brand to communicate with its target audience of beer and bar lovers.

Nico Rosberg, Heineken Ambassador and Sustainability Entrepreneur, says “It is really exciting for Heineken to launch The Greener Bar. They’re taking action to find a greener way for fans to enjoy their bars and experience Heineken more sustainably.”

The video shows clips of customers sharing pints of Heineken between shots of the Greener Bar facilities. White text then appears on screen highlighting the bar’s credential, from a wall made from 100% recycled Heineken glass bottles, recyclable cups, waterless sink and a translucent roof.

It then nods to the partnering companies that helped make the bar possible. DHL is planting trees for every guest that visits the bar, while Red Bull Advanced Technologies designed a fridge to save energy. The bar has saved 6,539kg of event waste, 21,128kg of event CO2 emissions and enough energy to power 4,337 standard dishwasher cycles.

The video ends with a signpost to read more about Heineken’s sustainability journey. The video has received over 12k views on YouTube and has been shared widely on social media channels.