MONDAY 11 OCT 2021 11:58 AM


As the principal partner of the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Hitachi created the world’s first ever carbon-neutral film. The Tokyo-based electronic manufacturing company aims to showcase its commitment to clean mobility solutions.

The ‘Racing to Zero’ film as devised by creative agency, Mamapool, aims to use simple aesthetics to support the impactful message that Hitachi is not just partnering with COP26 to extend brand awareness, but it is also taking practical steps to implement lasting change.

The two-minute video begins with a clear statement “Films always try to make a big impact. This one made none at all.” Before showing a selection of people cycling on the beach and generating power. A voice over says, “To some carbon zero are just two words uttered at summits, two words for the future to worry about. To others carbon zero is not something you talk about, it’s something you do.”

Behind the cyclists, a projected video shows different electric solutions such as battery trains, electric cars and electric trams. It works to show Hitachi as an active developer of climate solutions while also making a broader social statement about attitudes towards carbon zero commitments.

The video ends with a blank screen “This film was powered with zero carbon emissions” before showing the Hitachi brand logo. The campaign aims to raise external awareness of Hitachi’s partnership with COP26, but more importantly it works to showcase the company’s own commitment to developing carbon-neutral solutions such as the creation of this video.

Alongside being run on digital channels from 15 October, the short film will also be played at the COP26 conference between 1 November and 12 November in a dedicated IMAX cinema.

Hitachi - Racing To Zero from Mamapöol on Vimeo.