MONDAY 26 APR 2021 12:03 PM


H&M have launched its ‘One Second Suit’ campaign to help young people feel confident when interviewing for jobs. Combining fashion with a social cause, this campaign strengthens the brand identity and its community engagement.

The suit rental service allows men to borrow a suit free of charge for 24 hours. The aim is to help young people find an outfit for interviews and lessen the stress for aspiring professionals, who may not have the money to buy a suit.

The community focused campaign works to position H&M as an innovative forward thinking brand. Particularly as young graduates prepare to attend interviews and seek work post-lockdown.

The initiative is based on the idea that ‘a first impression is made in less than one second’, and therefore the right outfit will immediately help interviewees to look and feel confident.

While charities such as Smart Works already run similar initiatives, this is the first of its kind from a high-street retailer. 

The emotive video campaign by creative agency, Uncommon, shows clips of young men preparing for interviews. By showing several clips of different individuals, it emphasises that everyone is entitled to have a suit for an interview, regardless of demographic or background. 

It is narrated by the sound of a mother talking to her son over the phone and encouraging him ‘to be you’. The voiceover is powerful and reflects the brand’s own views that young people are capable and need to believe in their abilities.

The campaign has received positive responses in the UK since launching mid April and will launch in the US this May.