MONDAY 7 JUN 2021 10:51 AM


HSBC teamed up with Wunderman Thompson UK to produce a new campaign titled ‘Vicious Circle’, creating a visual representation of the struggles faced by those experiencing homelessness after being refused access to the financial system.

The campaign follows previous work from Wunderman Thompson UK, promoting HSBC’s partnership with homelessness charity, Shelter and it’s ‘No Fixed Address Service’ which offers access to the financial system for people trapped by homelessness.

Becky Moffat, CMO at HSBC says, “We’re incredibly proud to play our part in helping to break this vicious cycle and support the most vulnerable in society to become financially independent. Through this campaign we hope to raise awareness of our No Fixed Address service so that we can get the right support to those who need it most.”

Vicious Cycle visualises the cycle of isolation that people who are homeless become trapped in. It shows a woman walking round a revolving circular stage as she reaches for a door, but the robotic voiceover narrates ‘No home? No address.’ She then walks towards a bank desk as the voice says ‘No address? No bank account.’ Walking towards the job centre the narration continues, ‘No bank account? No job’ then ‘No job? No home.’

The voice repeats these statements in an increasingly fast pace while the woman walks round and round in circles unable to escape. The black screen then reads ‘It’s time to break the vicious cycle’ before showing the woman standing up and exiting the circle as a human voice introduces HSBC’s No Fixed Address initiative.

The campaign works to humanise HSBC as an organisation and raise awareness of its charitable partnerships and No Fixed Address service. It ends by signposting towards the initiative website to find more information.

The video will run on Channel 4 with a premier during the Gogglebox prime time spot to reach maximum viewers. It will also run in print and OHH, alongside being adapted for podcast reads.