TUESDAY 11 MAY 2021 9:09 AM


ITV has released a video campaign to spread optimism across the UK for Mental Health Awareness Week in May. The video showcases an artwork project and collaboration by a London-based artists and neuroscientist.

The creative project features artist, June Mineyama-Smithson and neuroscientist, Dr. Tara Swart as they collaborate on a project based on the chemical reaction that heightens positive feelings of optimism.

The project titled ‘Optimum Optimism’, uses Extended Reality technology to take viewers on a journey that induces happy hormones in the brain. The project was based on research conducted by BritainThinks, which found that this time last year less than one third of people in Britain felt optimistic about the future. 

June Mineyama-Smithson, who works under the name MAMIMU, says, “As all my work is about injecting optimism into the world, this felt particularly poignant when I was approached by ITV at the end of last year. My goal was to create a piece that inspired optimum optimism and I felt the best way to do this was to combine art and science.”

The video shows interviews of both Mineyama-Smithson and Swart, as they talk through the idea and science behind the project. It then shows the finished product, as motion graphics are played onto LED walls and floor, resulting in an immersive piece to give viewers a daily top-up of optimism and resilience.

While the video campaign is not directly relevant to ITV as a broadcasting company, the project aims to directly bring happiness and optimism to the nation and its consumers. This creatively demonstrates ITV’s support for mental health awareness and boosts its reputation and consumer engagement.

ITV commissioned the project to be broadcast throughout the month of May, including Mental Health Awareness Week. June Mineyama-Smithson is one of 12 artists commissioned to create artwork for ITV as part of the wider ITV Creates project curated by Charlie Levine.

An ITV Creates Collaboration by MAMIMU & Dr Tara Swart | Mental Health Awareness Week from MAMIMU | June on Vimeo.

MAMIMU x Dr Tara Swart for ITV Creates: Reveal | Mental Health Awareness Week from MAMIMU | June on Vimeo.