WEDNESDAY 22 SEP 2021 11:10 AM


Karmarama, part of marketing and advertising group, Accenture Interactive, has partnered with not-for-profit creative comms agency, Project Everyone, to create a powerful video promoting the UN’s 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

Devised by Richard Curtis, the ‘World To-Do List’ campaign aims to inspire action and push viewers to engage with the UN’s targets for Sustainable Development. The campaign brought together some of the world’s biggest brands to mark the anniversary of the Global Goals during the UN General Assembly this week.

The campaign reframes the 17 Goals as the world’s to-do list using a combination of stock footage and animation to visualise sticky notes on global landmarks from New York to Venice. The goals aim to end poverty and inequality and solve the climate crisis by 2030.

Adam Kean, creative director at Karmarama says, “Important stuff that needs doing now? We write it on a sticky note. Well, it doesn’t get more urgent and important than the Global Goals. So we went big and unmissable. Let’s get The World’s To-Do List done.”

Some of the world’s biggest companies involved in the campaign, referred to as the Global Goals Business Avengers, comprise of Arm, Avanti, Commvault, Diageo, DPDgroup, Google, Mars, NTT, Reckitt, Salesforce, SAP, Unilever and Wood. Together these big brands are each a champion of one goal and will actively work to raise awareness and encourage action.

By providing physical and digital space, in office buildings and social media platforms, the companies are sharing their own to-do-list and encouraging audiences to do the same. This campaign works to boost the corporate social responsibility of each big brand and inspire business leaders to take real action.

Richard Curtis, writer, director and UN Sustainable Development Goals Advocate, says, “Consumers expect more of businesses and increasingly support those fighting for sustainability and as more and more employees expect their firms to reflect their ethics and priorities. The World’s To-Do List campaign, led by businesses, is a vivid reminder of what is needed, and how the Goals are a To-Do List we all must get done.”

The creative film developed by Karmarama will be played at the Global Citizen Festival, a 24-hour live-streamed festival across six continents.