THURSDAY 15 APR 2021 9:57 AM


The recruitment video by financial service provider, Legal & General, takes a holistic approach to employee life, with short and varied clips showcasing the prospects and possibilities the company has to offer.

Legal & General's latest recruitment campaign uses short varied clips to create a sense of limitless opportunity and ensures potential talent will see space for growth in their specific sector. The video strengthens the employer brand while also attracting new talent.

The campaign message ‘your story will be anything but familiar’, positions Legal & General as unique competitor in the industry with an exciting and meaningful internal ethos.

With slow music that builds to become more dramatic and upbeat, the video reflects the message of storytelling in format not dissimilar to an action film trailer.

It acknowledges the pandemic, ‘a change is happening, in a world of uncertainty, we’ve been thinking ahead.’ This takes an optimistic standpoint and positions the company as a proactive organisation that will continue to evolve and develop in the face of change.

Dan Hyde, employee engagement manager at Legal & General, who shared the video campaign on social media, says, “This is our story. Here, your actions and ideas come to life in exciting and meaningful ways. Today we’re a builder, insurer, investor, landlord, and city generator. Tomorrow? Who knows? Ours is a story of evolution, a journey we can go on together. Ours is a culture of trust and collaboration, genuinely caring about society and one another."

A variety of specific work streams are shown, from construction and technology to sustainability and engineering. The message ‘maybe you’re into digital, data or numbers, maybe people are your thing,’ engages with the widest variety of potential talent and ensures they feel represented. It also works to create a sense of internal community as despite having different expertise and interests, everyone is working for the Legal & General team in a collaborative effort.

The focus on storytelling invokes a sense of opportunity for employees to create and control their own narrative with the potential for growth and success supported by Legal & General.

The video was shared on YouTube earlier this year and continues to be posted across social media platforms to reach potential talent.